Sunday, September 14, 2008

Camo for the Garbage Can

Ginger, Peace Lily Bird of Paradise and Pothos in front of bamboo screen.


Ferns -these are called Macho Ferns! Hmmmm.....

I love succulents..

These are from IKEA. They were cheap! Succulents are squishy.. that's a botanical term, I'm sure.


Also from IKEA. I love succulents. They are squishy. I think that is a bottanical term. I took botany in college. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Banana Trees

This is two varieties of banana trees. The little sweet sugar bananas and ruby red bananas. I don't like banana's but I like the trees. They are really pretty and grow nicely.

Around the deck

These are alocasia and another hawaiian little shrub with yellow flowers. I can't remember the name of it.. come on menopausal mind.. ahhhhhhh IXORA. I used to have a great memory.

The Doorstep

Various little plantlets from IKEA in the entrance. The two that are in the matching pots are called ZZ plants. I likez them a lot!

Angels Trumpets, Purple Shield and Calydiums..and a frilly thing I don't know the name of. Anybody that knows, feel free to educate me. It was a sweltering hot day and most of the plants were none to happy.. and I totally understand that. UGH!

The Basics are in....

Here are the photos of my yard as it is now. I am pretty happy with the progress but more to go! The more the merrier... This big monster was here when I moved in. I don't think it can die!